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Angelina Malintsyan
Angelina Malintsyan[geot_city_name], [geot_state_code]
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Extremely happy I called Geeks on Site. My technician Luis Mendoza was knowledgeable and personable and took care of my problem. Would recommend to anyone.

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Mary Kines
Mary Kines[geot_city_name], [geot_state_code]
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Geeks on Site, hands down the best computer service around. Service technician Luis Mendoza not only knows the the technician end of his job, but brings along a great personality. After fixing the computer, Luis took time too show me and educate me on some very needed do's and don'ts. Knowledge badly needed! I will refer all my friends to Geeks on site. Great job Luis!

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HENRY YARANON[geot_city_name], [geot_state_code]
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We are very pleased with the work Aaron provided for our business. He arrived on time and listened to the problems we were having with business emails and YOUTUBE account. He watched our process and swiftly identified our problem and went to work correcting it. He reset everything we needed within 1 hr. He helped us set up our Microsoft Pro to work off site with hotspot. Would recommend Aaron and GeeksonSite to anyone with computer issues. Professional, IT expert

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Yvonne Lin Liu
Yvonne Lin Liu[geot_city_name], [geot_state_code]
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After trying two other IT support companies, this one was the only one able to recover all my data after a computer crash. I was so afraid to loose all my pictures,and work and personal files that I was willing to pay what ever it cost to save these. This company sent a tech to my home within 2 hours after I requested it. She was able to solve my problem in less than an hour, besides her efficiency, she was very nice and charm. I highly recommend Geeks on Site for any computer problem.

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Dean Abell
Dean Abell[geot_city_name], [geot_state_code]
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This is a great service, which we use when our computer skills can't solve the problem. The computer person comes out promptly, is courteous and very knowledgeable. They do the job and then leave. I have never felt unsafe with them around. (None of the tech were talkers though, so you are not going to have a scintillating conversation with them. That's OK with us because we just want the computer fixed.). We have used them in NJ and in Ohio.

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Are you having the unpleasant experience of dealing with problems on your Apple computer? We've been there! Luckily, this gives our technicians the skills and know-how to get your system back up and running exactly how it needs to. Whether you need some failing hardware swapped out or you need a nasty virus removed from your system, PPG Techs is here to help. Give us a call today so we can send a tech out to you who will get you back up and running in no time!

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